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Youth Pastor, Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Seminole, FL

Aldersgate United Methodist Church, the “Church with a Warm Heart”, is looking for an energetic Youth Pastor who enjoys preaching and connecting with young people.  Aldersgate is a multi-generational church with great facilities and a long tradition of excellent youth ministry.  The church is surrounded by neighborhoods with families and is located in Seminole, Florida, close to many nationally rated beaches.  Seminole is part of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area and boasts multiple cultural venues and a variety of major and minor league sports teams.  Apply by sending your resume to .


Temporary Client Advocate Position, Tennessee Justice Center, Nashville, TN

The Tennessee Justice Center, a non-profit, public interest law firm, is seeking a client advocate. The advocate will help vulnerable Tennesseans navigate the health care system to secure access to health coverage. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, and is passionate about helping low-income Tennesseans gain access to health care. This is a full-time, 3-month position.


  • Bachelor’s degree and solid GPA from 4-year accredited college or university
  • Two years relevant work experience in non-profit/ human service sector or comparable educational experience (masters level)
  • Passion for social justice, health care, and children’s and family issues
  • Strong social, communication, and writing skills as evidenced in in-person interview and writing samples
  • Comfortable taking direction from supervisor
  • Self-motivated and willing to hit the ground running
  • Ability to take responsibility for large projects
  • Attitude to flourish in a small office
  • Strong work ethic
  • Team-player with willingness to share projects and work cooperatively
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities (within the organization’s overall mission) as our work is shaped by the dynamic needs of our clients
  • Ability to work full time, with  overtime during busy periods (overtime is compensated)
  • Fluent in Spanish (preferred)
  • Experience working with individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds 

Applicants should send a resume, writing sample, and letter of interest to  Babs Tierno, Tennessee Justice Center, 301 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37201-1568, Fax: 615-255-0354, e-mail:



Youth Director (Part-Time), First Presbyterian Church, Smyrna, TN

Position: Youth Director (part time, approx. 20 hours per week)
-A love and passion for God and for furthering your knowledge of God and the Word
-A strong desire to work with youth
-A commitment to the Church of Jesus Christ, especially to the reformed tradition
-An ability to be a team player with adult advisers, the Session, and the Pastor
-An understanding of age development in middle and senior high youth
-A willingness to learn and teach youth and adult advisers by word and by example
-A self starter
-A desire to attend continuing education events in youth ministries
-Excellent organizational skills with the ability to implement ideas and be held accountable
-Good communication skills
-Understanding and respecting appropriate boundaries with minors
-Plan and prepare for middle school and high school weekly Sunday meetings
-Attend and lead middle and high school weekly Sunday meetings
-Attend worship weekly and occasionally participate in leadership services
-Assist in recruiting and training adult leadership
-Plan and lead special events outside of Sundays
-Maintain contact with youth outside of church via social meia and other avenues
-Lead monthly meetings with adult advisers
-Maintain accountability to the pastor as head of staff and to the session in the performance of responsibilities
-Serve on the Youth Adviser team and Christian Education Committee
Please send resumes to 

Associate Director of Youth (Full- or Part-Time), Westminster Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN

Job Description
We are looking for an Associate Director of Youth (possibility of full-time or part-time) who will seek to live towards our mission statement of being “committed to youth and their families, by nurturing and inspiring their relationship with God, exploring Christ’s teachings, and preparing them to use their faith to meet life’s challenges and serve their church, their community, and the world.” 

RELATIONSHIPS: The first priority of the Associate Director of Youth is to ensure that relationships are being built between the youth leaders of Westminster Presbyterian and all youth of the church.   One of the keys to an effective youth ministry is adult involvement in the lives of the youth and in helping the youth develop their own relationships with other youth and adults at Westminster.

  • The Associate Director of Youth knows the youth and their parents in the church by name. 
  • The Associate Director of Youth prays regularly for Westminster youth and the youth ministry program.
  • The Associate Director of Youth communicates effectively and regularly with the youth and their parents about programs, ministry opportunities, and as a form of pastoral care, using all forms of communication, including social media, email and texting.
  • All first-time visitors to youth events receive exceptional and timely follow up, so that all students who want to become a part of the Westminster youth ministry do so in a way that feels welcoming and natural to them.     
  •  The Associate Director of Youth participates weekly in community and school events involving Westminster youth members.
  • The Associate Director of Youth is involved in outreach not only with the participating youth, but with the teens of Westminster who do not currently participate.

RECRUITING and SUPERVISION:  The Associate Director of Youth works and meets with all youth ministry staff and hands-on youth volunteers regularly to ensure that the efforts of all youth leaders and staff members are coordinated to maximize their effectiveness. 

  • All weekly youth ministry volunteers are recruited and receive preparation at least one month before their terms of service are to begin.
  • Spiritual support and encouragement is provided to the volunteers working hands-on with youth in the youth ministry. 
  • The Associate Director of Youth is involved in the visioning and strategic planning process and therefore helps to ensure that 1) three-year goals and one-year benchmarks for the youth ministry are updated annually, 2) the youth staff annually evaluates their progress based on those goals and benchmarks and 3) the staff is regularly attentive to and accountable for accomplishing the youth ministry’s one year benchmarks as set forth in the Youth Visioning documents and works with the Youth & Families Committee in accomplishing those goals.

 PROGRAMS: The Associate Director of Youth is free from the vast majority of logistical concerns relative to the programs of the youth ministry (forms, transportation arrangements, etc.) in order to be free to create an atmosphere such that the youth ministry is seen and understood to be a place of belonging and fellowship, where emerging spiritual and leadership skills can be developed.

  • The Associate Director of Youth works with all youth.  However, the focus at times may be directed more specifically at a particular age group at the determination of the Director of Youth & Their Families. 
  • The Associate Director of Youth works with other youth ministry staff and has input in the development and implementation of a curriculum design template, Curriculum resources are developed, written, or selected at least one month before the school year begins.
  • All youth ministry programs have a positive Christian atmosphere, with the Associate Director of Youth setting a tone of joyful enthusiasm at each of these events.  
  • The Associate Director of Youth supports programs that help the youth ministry regularly meet or exceed its participation targets for calendared youth ministry events.  These goals are created at the beginning of the Fall semester and are reviewed on a regular, on-going basis.
  • The Associate Director of Youth serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth, both in a small group setting and in everyday conversations with youth and youth leaders, and parents of youth.
  • The Associate Director of Youth is available to teach Sunday school and works to become increasingly effective in communicating the essentials of the Christian faith to youth.  
  • The Associate Director of Youth oversees the development and oversight of effective small group youth ministries such as Bible studies.
  • The Associate Director of Youth provides support for participation of the youth in various local outreach programs of Westminster Presbyterian Church.
  • The Associate Director of Youth is responsible for recruitment of trip leaders and oversees in the planning of and participation in annual mission and youth fellowship trips.
  • The Associate Director of Youth has some responsibility in organizing, planning and implementing special events such as kick-offs and retreats.


  • The Associate Director of Youth will serve on the Youth & Families Committee.
  • The Associate Director of Youth will participate in weekly staff meetings, both the professional staff and the youth staff.
  • The Associate Director of Youth will participate regularly on the church’s staff liturgy rotation.


  • While there is some flexibility with schedule, Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and some evening meetings will be required.
  • Some late afternoon/ evening availability to attend committee meetings, youth events, plays, games, etc. is important.

PERSONNEL: The Associate Director of Youth will report directly to the Director of Youth and Their Families.


Age-Level Ministries Intern (Part-Time), Calvary United Methodist Church, Nashville, TN

Job Description (15 Hours per Week)

 PURPOSE: The Age-Level Ministry Intern (ALMI) position serves a two-fold purpose:

1)    to provide an educational, apprentice-like experience for someone seeking a future in some facet of Christian ministry.

2)    to assist Calvary’s Age Level Ministry staff in carrying out the functions of Christian Education ministry. 

  SUPERVISED BY: Minister of Discipleship


The ALMI is paid $10.00 per hour.  The church will not offer insurance. The position and applicant will be re-evaluated annually.

 PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Performance in this position will be evaluated after the first six months and on an annual basis thereafter by Minister of Discipleship in consultation with age level ministers. 


Typical Work Week (Dependent on class schedule of the intern)

Monday: Staff meeting                                                1.5 Hours
Tuesday: Tutoring (Every Other Week)                      2.0 Hours
Sunday: Sunday School & UMYF                               3.5 Hours
Weekly Office Hours                                                   8.0 Hours

Total                                                                            15.0 Hours 


-       Must have a calling for service in God’s Church.
-       High School Diploma
-       Follow Calvary UMC’s Safe Sanctuary policy and complete all requirements, including a background check
-       Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality, identify priorities, and work independently
-       Skill in operation of computer programs including word processing, spreadsheets, and databases, including Microsoft Office products. 

 JOB DESCRIPTION:  This internship is a learning process and encompasses many responsibilities. The basics are:

 1)    Your Walk with God: A person in ministry cannot fill other people’s cups unless they are keeping watch over their own faith. A person in ministry must answer questions such as: Where are you with Christ? Do you pray daily? Do you lift up those you are serving alongside in general and specifically in prayer? Are you living a life of good example? Are you studying the word of God? Do you believe what you are teaching? Are you finding time and places to worship? Are you asking for help when you need it?

These are questions that are asked of the ALMI.  It is essential that the ALMI tend to their own faith development before attempting to tend others’. 

2)    Mission Statement:The mission statement of Calvary United Methodist
Church is that we “seeks to transform the world by: Worshiping God; Following Jesus; Loving you; Serving all.”  You must commit yourself to actively pursue this end through joining in the development, implementation, and maintenance of programs focused on worship, fellowship, evangelism, discipleship, and ministry to and with others. 


1)    Sunday Mornings: Provide support to Sunday School teachers, assisting when any needs ariseTeach a Sunday School class.  (Hours 8:15-10:30)

2)    Worship: Attend one of two worship services on Sunday mornings (contemporary at 8:15 or traditional at 10:30)

3)    Sunday Evenings: Assist youth team in planning and implementation of UMYF programming. 

4)    Retreats: Calvary’s Education Ministries leads several retreats throughout the year.  The ALMI is expected to participate in leadership roles in retreats with the age level ministry team.  

5)    Support: Works with Education Ministry team, supporting the staff as needed to complete Christian Education and assists them in carrying out the overall mission and ministry of the church (such as organizing and maintaining current logs, files, Sunday School rolls and folders, etc… ) 

To Apply, Contact 

Stephanie Baxter Dunn
Minister to Children and Their Families │ Calvary United Methodist Church │ Nashville, TN
615-297-7562 │

Northeastern Regional Organizer, Reconciling Ministries Network of the United Methodist Church

Serve as the RMN regional organizer for the Northeastern Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church to increase the number of new Reconciling communities, challenge and assist existing Reconciling settings to adopt deeper postures of welcome, increase the number of dedicated volunteers who are trained and active in faith-based community organizing, and network strategically to plan for actions that will ultimately affect systemic change within The United Methodist Church and beyond toward a church and society that genuinely welcomes and includes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Applicants should have a passion for RMN’s mission and familiarity with UMC theology and form of governance. Please send resume, cover letter, and at least three references to by September 12, 2014. Interviews will be conducted as potential candidates surface.

Director of Development, Reconciling Ministries Network of the United Methodist Church

Serve as Director of Development at Reconciling Ministries Network, mobilizing United Methodists of all sexual orientations and gender identities for the transformation of the church and world into the full expression of Christ’s inclusive love. Help manage and grow a $1.1M annual budget, joining a dynamic team of six full-time staff, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of dedicated Reconciling United Methodists. Develop and implement effective strategies for donor cultivation and major gift solicitation. Build a robust fundraising plan with clearly defined revenue goals and a diverse mix of individual, corporate, and foundation giving that advances the strategic objectives of the organization and ensures long-term sustainability. Applicants should have a passion for RMN’s mission and familiarity with UMC theology and form of governance. The position requires relocation to Chicago. Please send resume, cover letter, and at least three references to by September 12, 2014. Interviews will be conducted as potential candidates surface.

North Central Regional Organizer, Reconciling Ministries Network of the United Methodist Church

Serve as the RMN regional organizer for the North Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church. Increase the number of new Reconciling communities, challenge and assist existing Reconciling settings to adopt deeper postures of welcome, increase the number of dedicated volunteers who are trained and active in faith-based community organizing, and network strategically to plan for actions that will ultimately affect systemic change within The United Methodist Church and beyond toward a church and society that genuinely welcomes and includes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Applicants should have a passion for RMN’s mission and familiarity with UMC theology and form of governance. Please send resume and cover letter describing qualifications and interest in this position to by September 25, 2014.

Director of Contemporary Worship and Outreach/Worship Leader, Tullahoma First United Methodist Church, Tullahoma, TN

Tullahoma First United Methodist seeks a full time Director of Contemporary Worship and Outreach/Worship Leader. This is a multifaceted position that includes planning contemporary worship, developing and implementing plans to shepherd worship teams, integrate worshippers into discipleship, as well as outreach. We seek a leader who can also sing and lead worship several Sundays each month, while fostering Christian community within the whole of our campus.  Our contemporary service is established and growing with a great band, worship leaders and talented lay leaders.  Please send resumes to Pastor Paul Purdue, senior pastor @ by September 29. 


Senior Pastor, Community Church at Tellico Village, Loudon, TN

Community Church at Tellico Village is seeking a Senior Pastor to lead our pastoral team and congregation following the retirement of our pastor who served for seventeen years.  CCTV is a 1400 member interdenominational church located SW of Knoxville, TN in a planned community on Tellico Lake in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.  The church is affiliated with the International Council of Community Churches. The ideal candidate possesses a deep personal faith in Jesus Christ and demonstrates a true desire to shape their ministry by the Great Commandment. S/he values Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation.  S/he is a mature “people-person” with leadership skills who has a passion for: preaching, developing fellowship, and spiritual growth ministries. Ministers from all denominations may apply. M. Div. required.  If interested, visit us at and post resume to Otherwise mail to TVCC Search Team, 130 Chota Center, Loudon, TN 37774.  The deadline for submission of application materials is November 15, 2014. 

Minister of Congregational Life, Wieuca Road Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

The Minister of Congregational Life is primarily responsible for planning, promoting, implementing, and evaluating the spiritual education and formation ministries of the church. With oversight of age-group ministries, the Minister will supervise the professional and volunteer leaders of these ministries. The Minister will work closely with the Christian Education Director and Christian Education Committee to plan and coordinate innovative  Bible teaching and discipleship programs. The Minister will be under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor and will serve as ex-officio on appropriate standing and ad hoc committees. The Minister will participate in regular staff meetings, planning retreats, and staff team building events and will assist in pastoral duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Primary Areas of Responsibility:  

  1. Bible teaching/discipleship programs – Work closely with the Christian Education leadership in developing truly innovative Bible teaching and discipleship programs. This would include establishing the education calendar, choosing and evaluating curricula and other resources, and enlisting and training teachers, facilitators, and other leaders. Directly accountable and  responsible for Covenant Groups and In-Home/Small Group development including the expansion of Singles and other specific ministries.
  2. Leadership Development – Work with the Senior Pastor and Nominating Committee to identify spiritual gifts among members, seek potential leaders, and staff existing and new programs; Create, plan, coordinate leadership training events in January, August (Global Leadership Summit), and November.
  3. Marketing/Technology – Oversee website development, content creation, communication vehicles, work with staff, Social Media Team, Marketing Committee, and appropriate contractors to promote church vision, processes, events, and activities to church and community.
  4. Pastoral Ministry – Serve as Associate Pastor to assist the Senior Pastor in worship leadership, visitation/outreach, pastoral care, and participation in denominational/community events. Responsible for establishing and maintaining effective follow-up initiatives with worship visitors to provide them with appropriate information about engaging with Covenant Groups, Bible study groups, various activities ministries for family members, and others.
  5. Strategic Plan module oversight – Serve as staff liaison for age group, marketing, and facilities modules; participate in evaluation and updating of related plan areas.

Key Competencies and Experiences:

 -Demonstrated leadership profile in previous assignments including: Creating a clear, shared vision among his/her constituencies; Possessing strong “delegation with accountability” skills; Developing people through coaching, teaching, mentoring; Building strong and effective teams; Resolving conflict positively for all concerned; Leading both staff and laity effectively; Creating momentum for positive, sustainable change; Communicating effectively and spiritually in one-to-one and in group settings, both orally and through writing; Possessing a sense of urgency and is a self-starter who can work well independently when required

-Seminary degree required.

-Vocational experience in a multi-staff church setting.

-At least five years of positive and successful experience in church vocation.

-Ability to articulate spiritual gifts as well as professional abilities.

-Successful and creative experiences in developing, implementing, monitoring, and coordinating In-Home/Small Group Bible Study.

-Proven passion for the use of social media and associated technology to market church initiatives and to provide evangelical outreach to change lives.

-Successful experience in developing, implementing, evaluating, and continuously updating a strategic planning process in a church environment.

-Demonstrated capabilities in effective written communications particularly in connection with the use of the written word in social media, web content creation, and other forms of publication.

-Successful experience in the preparation, analysis, implementation of budget processes in a church setting.

Bilingual Case Manager, YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, Nashville, TN

The YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee has a rewarding career opportunity for a Bilingual Case Manager to serve women who are fleeing domestic violence. In this role, you will focus on assisting women as they move toward self-determination and independence, whether they are living temporarily in our domestic violence center or in transitional housing. Key responsibilities include helping clients establish and manage their goals, facilitate individual and group counseling, connecting clients with community resources to provide a continuum of services. The position also shares the on-call rotation with a very dedicated customer-centric team.

To be qualified you need to hold a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related field, have 1 to 3 years of case management experience, and be fluent in both English and Spanish. 

Visit the YWCA Jobs Portal to review the complete job description and apply.


Youth Minister (Part-Time), St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Franklin, TN

Job Summary:  To be responsible for the development and oversight of all church ministries to 6th-12th grade youth with the goal of proclaiming the Good News of Christ and caring for all.

Supervision: Reports to Rector or Interim Rector, Part-Time Position, Probationary Period of 90 days 

Qualifications and Position Requirements:

Must exhibit a personal and growing relationship with Christ and a teaching and teachable spirit.

Must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, experience in youth ministry, basic administrative skills and knowledge of publishing programs and Microsoft Office applications, be proficient in social networking and be a positive role model.

Experience preferred in an established successful youth program.

Must participate in training programs mandated by the Episcopal Church, including a background check.

Must be able to create and execute a long-term vision for St. Paul’s Youth Ministry.

Must feel called to youth ministry, love young people, and have a passion for evangelism and outreach, both personally and at the ministry level.

Must demonstrate a genuine love and maintain a good rapport with young people, recognizing both the marginalized as well as the engaged youth.

Must maintain good relationships with youth, parents, and staff, keeping them informed on ongoing activities and encouraging involvement and communication, which should include a variety of tools including, texting, email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media as well as parish-wide written and electronic communications.

Must be able to exercise initiative and independent judgment.


Lead and organize effective youth programs implementing fellowship, worship, biblical teaching, and discipleship, as well as ministry, retreats and mission opportunities. Specifically it would be anticipated that the youth minister would be present on Sundays during morning worship hours and would lead either Catechumenate or other youth Christian formation.

Be available for counseling and spiritual direction to youth on an individual basis.

Assist in the development and oversight of the youth ministry budgets; also manage student fees for events and trips in a timely fashion.

Be knowledgeable about the teachings of the Episcopal Church and able to authoritatively lead Catechumenate training.

Must be skilled in volunteer recruitment for youth programs and projects and be able to effectively delegate authority when necessary.

Seek to integrate youth ministry into all phases of church life to create a culture that is intentionally intergenerational, striving to unite with and complement other church ministries.

Must bring fresh ideas to fund-raising projects for the youth.

Be mentored by the Rector and Associate Priests, remaining accountable and responsive to their oversight of the Youth Minister’s ministry. Must engage in professional development to grow skills and bring fresh ideas to youth programs.

Must attend weekly church services at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and encourage youth to attend regular church services with the youth minister.

Must work well with other churches in the diocese on common projects.

Attend Vestry meetings and present monthly reports.

Present a yearly youth budget proposal.

Other duties as assigned.

Characteristics of an ideal youth minister would also include an energetic and outgoing personality that would welcome newcomers and encourage those who’ve resisted participation in youth activities in the past.

Interested candidates please send resume to


Director of Children and Family Ministries (Part-Time), Epworth United Methodist Church, Franklin, TN

Reports to:  Senior Pastor and Staff/Parish Relations Committee

Job Summary:  Serves as staff member of Epworth UMC with overall responsibility for creating and driving implementation of a progressive children's ministry and family ministry.  Develops and implements plans for each ministry in collaboration with Church Council and aligned with the vision and mission of Epworth UMC.

To Apply:  Please send resumes to Rev. Donna A. Parramore, ℅ Epworth UMC, 4241 Arno Road, Franklin, TN 37064, or email resumes to 

Qualifications:  Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university; minimum of two years of experience in children and/or family ministries; Deacon or certified Children's or Family Ministry Leader preferred; 20-25 hours per week

Primary Responsibilities:


  1. Develops clear, measurable and attainable plan for the long-term spiritual, educational and discipleship growth for the growing number of children and young families at Epworth UMC.
  2. Implements plans and programs for children up to participation in Youth Ministries with a focus on spiritual growth and safety, while developing aligned programs with their families through Sunday School, small group and other discipleship programs.
  3. Actively recruits, trains and empowers leaders to effectively deliver children’s and family programs, broadening participation for adequate rotation and support of both programs.
  4. Provides guidance and counseling to parents and to both parents and the congregation regarding the needs of both children and their families, supported with scripturally based solutions.
  5. Serves as an effective staff minister and aligns children and family activities with other church ministries, including Sunday School, worship, annual events, missions, evangelism and stewardship.
  6. Ensures and/or trains all children’s and tweens’ leaders on Safe Sanctuary requirements, and training updates.
  7. Develops and implements Sunday School Teacher enrichment programs for teachers of both children with a defined plan of annual events. Coaching and training of teachers will occur as needed.
  8. Other duties as assigned by Senior Pastor


Office Coordinator, Endorsement/Communications (Part-Time), General Board of Higher Education & Ministry, The United Methodist Church, Nashville, TN


 Reports to:           Director of Extension Ministry and Pastoral Care

 Department:         Division of Ordained Ministry

 Status/Schedule: Non-Exempt; Part-time (Approximately 22.5 hours per week), Flexible with Days/Hours Monday-Friday between 8a-4:30p

Responsibilities:Promotes the ministry of chaplains and pastoral counselors through effective internal and external communications to include maintenance and administration of the United Methodist Endorsing Agency (UMEA) social media and UMEA postings on web pages, development and production of electronic publishing formats, and development and distribution of promotional materials. Coordinates and assists with administration of the UMEA continuing education program.  Prepares budget requests and gathers metrics in support of strategic plan for UMEA. Provides other general administrative assistance as needed.

Minimum Qualifications: High school graduate with business courses/degree or equivalent experience; associate’s degree preferred; minimum of 2 years’ administrative or professional office experience required; advanced knowledge of MS Word/Publisher required; experience with layout design helpful; previous experience in creating and/or developing newsletters preferred; experience with social media; knowledge of The United Methodist Church and experience/knowledge of national network of United Methodist connections helpful; strong oral and written communication skills; excellent customer service skills; strong attention to detail; ability to work well as part of a team; ability to multi-task; ability to interact well with all levels of constituents and the general public; ability to establish and set priorities; ability to work independently and take appropriate initiative.

 Apply To:  GBHEM Human Resources, P.O. Box 340007, Nashville, TN  37203-0007, Phone:  615/340-7360, Fax: 615/340-7538, Email:

 Posting Date:       August 1, 2014

Director of Children and Youth (Part-Time), First Christian Church, Henderson, KY

Paid Staff/Part-Time (15 hours)

 The Director of Children and Youth at FCC is responsible for: 

1. Building relationships with FCC Children, Youth and their families. 
2. Infusing energy and creativity into all programs sponsored by the children’s and youth ministry 
3. Handling the logistical operations of the ministries in a way that supports families and that helps volunteers be exceptionally effective. 

RELATIONSHIPS: The Director of Children and Youth is involved in the lives of the children and youth — establishing relationships with them, shepherding them and helping them develop their own relationship with Jesus Christ and with other families at First Christian Church. 
Knowing the Flock: The Director of Children and Youth knows every participating child and youth by name and is visible on school campuses that represent FCC whenever possible and appropriate. 
Welcome and Follow-up: All first-time visitors to one of the programs of either ministry receive an exceptional welcome and timely follow up, so that all children and youth who want to become a part of the ministry at FCC do so in a way that feels welcoming and natural to them. 
Discipleship: The Director of Children and Youth regularly encourages children and youth to take the next natural step in their journey of Christian discipleship, including involvement in worship, leadership, Sunday school, special programs and Bible studies. 

LOGISTICS: The Director of Children and Youth oversees logistical concerns relative to the programs of the Children’s Ministry and the Youth Ministry (forms, volunteer recruiting, transportation arrangements, etc.) 
Logistical Details: The logistical details of the Ministries are handled in a professional and timely manner. These needs include at least: 

  • Attendance tracking 
  • Forms and registrations 
  • Compliance Documents 
  • Communication with church staff, youth, families and the congregations 

Special Event Organization: All special events are well organized and publicized. Their execution leaves parents confident that their children and youth are being faithfully and creatively nurtured. 
Volunteer Coordination: All volunteers have been recruited at least one month before they begin their work. They receive whatever information they need to do their job well, including curriculum for Sunday school, youth group or Bible studies. Their work is acknowledged with thanks. Their experience leaves them feeling that they’ve made a difference, and they are eager to serve with the youth ministry in the future. 
Working with the Pastor and the Christian Education Committee: The Director of Children and Youth works closely with the Pastor and the Christian Education committee to ensure the ministry is in line with the vision and expectations of the church. In cooperation with the Pastor, the Director of Children and Youth supports the committee and engages them with the tasks they deem appropriate which include: 

  • Curriculum for Youth and Children 
  • Sunday school and Wee Worship/First Kids management 
  • Special events for Children and Youth including Youth Sunday and VBS 
Please contact the pastor, Dr. Chuck Summers by phone 270-826-3652 or by email to apply for the position.

Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track) in New Testament/Early Christianity, Brown University, Providence, RI

The Department of Religious Studies at Brown University invites applications for a tenure-track position at the assistant professor level with a specialization in New Testament/ Early Christianity to begin in July 1, 2015.  The successful candidate will be able to support graduate training in New Testament; have expertise in early Jewish history and texts; be familiar with theory and methods of religious studies; and contribute broadly to our undergraduate curriculum.  This position is integral to the department's "Religions in the Ancient Mediterranean" graduate track and programming.   

Candidates should submit (1) a current CV; (2) a statement of interest; (3) a short writing sample (no more than 25 pages); (4) a list of four courses (title with short paragraph), at different levels, that would complement the department's existing curriculum; (5) one syllabus for an undergraduate introduction to New Testament course, supplemented by annotations and/or a brief statement describing the thinking behind it; and (6) three references.  Preference will be given to candidates who have successfully defended their dissertation by the time of application.  Review of applications will begin on September 15, 2014.  Please submit applications online at Brown University is an EEO/AA employer.  Brown University is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic global community;  as an EEO/AA employer, Brown considers applicants for employment without regard to, and does not discriminate on the basis of, gender, race, protected veteran status, disability, or any other legally protected status. 

Senior Pastor, Community Congregational United Church of Christ, Montgomery, AL

Community Congregational United Church of Christ is receiving applications for the position of Senior Pastor. We are a small, progressive predominately African-American congregation that is poised for growth. We seek a passionate senior pastor of faith, vision, and energy with the ability to build and lead ministries. Experience as a Senior/Associate Pastor or Chaplain; graduate of seminary or Master of Divinity preferred, but not required. Salary commensurate with the size of congregation and candidate’s qualifications.

For confidential consideration, send cover letter, resume, and salary history to: or Pastoral Search Committee, 3481 South Court St.  Montgomery, AL 36105.


Crisis Counselor, YWCA of Middle Tennessee (Part-Time, 2 Openings)

The YWCA has 2 openings for part-time  Crisis Counselors . This position is responsible for answering our crisis hotline, giving appropriate responses to callers and providing direct-care services to women and children who are temporarily living in our domestic violence shelter.  We are looking for someone with outstanding communication, interpersonal and conflict management skills and a passion for the work we do.

This is a great opportunity to work with an outstanding team of professionals who are dedicated to our Mission and to providing the highest level of service to the women and children in our shelter. To be successful in this job, candidates must have a strong interest in helping women break the cycle of domestic violence and in providing support to them as they move to a life of safety and security. High school diploma and minimum of six months related experience required; or a Bachelor’s degree in counseling or a related field. Fluency in Spanish and English is a plus.


1) Every 1st, 3rd, 5th Saturday & Sunday 11am – 7pm  

2) Every 2nd & 4th Saturday & Sunday 11am – 7pm

The full job description and application are online at the YWCA Jobs Portal

YWCA Case Manager

Position Summary Position maintains primary responsibilities for providing counseling, advocacy, and case management to domestic violence survivors within the Domestic Violence Services program. This includes coordinating in-house and community resources to meet the needs of the clients. More information here.Click here for more info.