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Student Organizations

Student Groups

        • Al’s Pub 

          Fosters community through happy hour and collaborative events with other groups.

        • Black Seminarians

          Focuses on the unique experience of black American seminarians. (Inclusive to all students)

        • Eco-Concerns

          Addresses theological and ethical engagement of environmental issues. (Inactive)

        • Economic Empowerment Coalition 

          Raises awareness on economic issues in Nashville and at Vanderbilt (e.g. living wage movement, worker justice, ect.) (Inactive)

        • GABLE 

          Addresses issues of homophobia and heterosexism in religious life, society, and the academy. 

        • Goodmen 

          Supports the social, economic, educational, and political empowerment of male students of color preparing them to engage with academic, corporate, and nonprofit communities. 

        • Latin@/American@ Seminarians 
          Seeks to create a communal space to embody and affirm diverse Latin@/American@ cultures.

        • Marginalia: To the Least of These 
          Bears witness to the needs and experiences of the Nashville homeless community (Inactive)
        • Methodist Student Association

          Provides opportunity for mutual support and spiritual edification of United Methodists.

        • Office of Women's Concerns 

          Encourages discussion and awareness of women’s issues. 

        • PAUSE - Providing Alternative Understanding and Self Exploration 
          Seeks to provide a safe space for atheist, agnostic, agnostic, non-deist, and other non-traditionals (Inactive)
        • POIESIS 

          Focuses on student creativity and allowing for artistic growth, expression, and incorporation within VDS. 

        • Presbyterian Student Association (Inactive)
        • Project Pyramid
        • Sacred Borders (formerly known as Mosaic) 
          Promotes dialogue and understanding amongst religious traditions

        • SHADES -  Serving, Helping, and Affirming the Diversity in Every Sista’
          Promotes awareness of the struggles, challenges, and triumphs of black women’s experiences.

        • Students Exploring Chaplaincy (SEC) 
          Open to anyone interested in learning about all the unique ministry opportunities in chaplaincy.

        • The Society of Cornelius 
          Supports and enhances the religious lives of its members through the resources of the Catholic Church. (Inclusive of all students, especially Lutheran, Episcopal and Orthodox)  
        • Taste 

          Promotes the exploration at the intersection of food, culture, and spirituality. (Inactive)

        • Translation

          Promotes dialogue around self-identity and vocational discernment. (Inactive)

        • Vader - Vanderbilt Advocates for Disabilities Education and Research 
          Interested in bringing education and advocacy in the fields of disabilities to Vanderbilt (Inactive)