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Non-Degree Students and Auditors

Students who do not intend to enroll in a degree program may register for a limited number of courses as an auditor or as a non-degree student.

Applying as a Non-Degree Student

Non-degree students at Vanderbilt Divinity School must apply using the non-degree online application. Non-degree students may register for up two courses per semester by permission of the Academic Dean. They receive academic credit and a transcript for their coursework but are not eligible to receive financial aid.

Steps to Apply as a Non-Degree Student: 

  1. Initiate a Non-Degree student application online: .
  2. Alert the Office of Admissions that your non-degree application has been initiated. Our office will manually waive many of the regular application requirements to expedite submission.
  3. Complete the specific application requirements for the non-degree application.

Applications and supporting documents must be completed and on file in the Office of Admissions by July 1 for the fall semester and by November 1 for the spring semester.  

Auditing a Course

Members of the greater mid-Tennessee community are eligible to audit a course at the Divinity School at minimal cost, outlined below. Vanderbilt University students and alumni, as well as affiliated faculty, staff, and their spouses, may audit a course for $10 per credit hour. Permission to audit a course is granted by the individual professor based on space availability and course format.

To inquire about auditing a course, contact Dean Victor Judge.

Application deadlines:
Fall semester: Apply by August 1.
Spring semester: Apply by January 1.
Summer term: Apply by May 1.


Auditor Cost - Non-VU Affiliated: $100 per credit hour