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Contact Admissions

To send transcripts or official application documents:

Center for Data Management
Vanderbilt University
PMB 407833, 2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37240-7833

To reach us directly:

Angela Dillon
Admissions Systems Coordinator

Damien P. Domenack
Admissions Fellow 2018-2020

The Rev. Dr. Lillian H. Lammers
Director of Stewardship & Vocational Planning

The Rev. Katherine H. Smith
Assistant Dean for Admissions, Vocation, and Stewardship

Dr. C. Melissa Snarr
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

By Phone: (615)343-3963
By Fax: (615)322-0691

By Mail:
Vanderbilt Divinity Admissions
411 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37240