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Imagination Grant

Imagination Grant - Chelsey Hedglin

Imagination Grants seek to advance global learning, theological reflection, and leadership skills and support creative, non-credit bearing projects proposed by students.  Students may apply for Imagination Grant funds ($250-$2500) to cover travel and expenses for global immersion experiences. Imagination Grants are typically utilized during summers.

Typically, we fund 3-6 proposals each year.  Past projects have included:

1)     A study of our Lady of Guadalupe among the Nahuatl people in Mexico.

2)     A photographic exploration of the diasporic experience of Black women, including those from the West Indies and Africa, living in Brooklyn, NY.

3)     A comparison of two international intentional faith communities: one in Iona, and the other in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Imagination Grant program invites students to take their theological imaginations on a journey, and to think more deeply about the effects and consequences of globalization on religious life and practice. Applications are typically due in February.

The application may be found, here .