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Project Pyramid

In collaboration with the Owen School of Business at Vanderbilt, the Divinity School offers students the opportunity for immersion experiences through Project Pyramid, which is a program dedicated to the study and reduction of global poverty.  In recent years, students in that course have traveled to India, Nepal, Bangladesh and South Africa, as well as New Orleans, Tupelo and Nashville. 

Project Pyramid


About Project Pyramid

Project Pyramid is a Vanderbilt University organization dedicated to ending global poverty. Through its three pillars- Sustained Partnerships, Education, and Responsive Action- Project Pyramid looks to alleviate global poverty by targeting the future leaders of businesseducationlawmedicine and religion: Vanderbilt University graduate, professional and undergraduate students.

Our Mission

Project Pyramid creates a community that addresses issues of poverty in an interdisciplinary classroom and through sustained partnerships with local and international organizations. Its members learn to recognize multiple poverties from one another in the classroom and from individuals and organizations that encounter poverties first hand. Students respond to knowledge gained in the classroom and through collaborative partnerships by engaging in action to alleviate poverty.

Our Values

Sustained Partnerships: Bringing together Vanderbilt students from multiple disciplines and building relationships with community organizations.

Education: Learning from other students in the classroom and encountering poverty in the community.

Responsive Action: Defining a response in conversation with the community and academic scholarship.

Our Vision

The convergence of many discipline’s perspectives and opportunities for collaboration with communities experiencing poverties leads to sustained attention to poverty beyond Project Pyramid.