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Alumni Publications

Divinity and Graduate Department of Religion
Alumni Publications 2021-2022

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 2022 Publications

Background is a dark blue sky, with a crescent moon and stars. In front of this is a stained glass window, with color blocks of red, light blue, teal, and cream. There is a medium-brown skinned woman with dark, full wavy hair. She reaches down and looks at a light-brown skinned child with short, dark, straight hair. The child is reaching up touching the woman's face. Red flowers are growing from the bottom.Bennett, Dawn (MDIV '18)

Reverend Dawn Bennett (MDiv '18) Opinion Piece on the overturning of Roe v. Wade (Vanderbilt Divinity School)

Brown, Claire (MDiv '16) and Peebles, Anita (MDiv '18)

New Directions for Holy Questions: Progressive Christian Theology for Families (Church Publishing)

Chavis Jr., Charles L. (MTS '14)

The Silent Shore: The Lynching of Matthew Williams and the Politics of Racism in the Free State (Johns Hopkins University Press)

Dordal, Lisa (MDiv '05, MFA '11)

Water Lessons (Black Lawrence Press)

Fasani, Ryan (MDiv '08)

Walking Trees: And Other Short Stories that Change Everything I Believe About Jesus

Pecinovsky, Teresa (MDiv '18), illustrated by Khoa Le

Mother God (Beaming Books)

Waters, James W. (MTS '17)

Toward an Ecocentric Christian Ecology: An Interreligious Case Study in Indigenous and Christian Eco-Activism


2021 Alumni Publications

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Aki, C.I. (MTS '16)

The World Black, Beautiful, and Beast (April Gloaming Publishing)

Awes Freeman, Jennifer (MA '14, PhD '16)

The Good Shepherd: Image, Meaning, and Power (Baylor University Press)

Bailey, Jennifer (MDiv '14)

To My Beloveds: Letters on Faith, Race, Loss, and Radical Hope (Chalice Press) 

Bailiff, James D. (BD ’66)

Journeying Forward Toward Spiritual Freedom and Shepherd Blessings: Uplifting Insights from the 23rd Psalm (Workbook Press)

Balleine, Lawrence (MDiv '75)

Angels To The Rescue: A Story of Change, Helplessness and Rescue (Parson's Porch)

Burwell, Heather H. (MDiv '19)

Grief Doesn’t Do Math (WestBow Press)

Butler, Anthea (MA ’00, PhD ’01)

White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America  (University of North Carolina Press)

Campbell-Reed, Eileen R. (MA '05, PhD '08)

Pastoral Imagination: Bringing the Practice of Ministry to Life (Fortress Press)

Cupped hands reach down from the top with orange and red flowers with the title Praying with Our Feet. A group of protestors are below this.Dodd, Kevin (PhD ’95)

The Tale of the Living Vampyre (Universitas Press)

Fasani, Ryan (MDiv '08)

Consuming Hope: Father and Son and Four Days to Live (Klug Publishing LLC)

Ford, Reggie D. (BA ’13, MAcc ’14)

Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction: Breaking the Curse of Intergenerational Trauma as a Black Man in America  (Ella Wenthom Books)

Giver-Johnston, Donna (MA ’11, PhD ’14)

Claiming the Call to Preach: Four Female Pioneers of Preaching in Nineteenth-Century America (Oxford University Press)

Writing for the Ear, Preaching from the Heart (Fortress Press)

Gladson, Jerry A. (MA '73, PhD '78)

Endgame: A New Commentary on the Book of Daniel (Wipf and Stock Publishers)

Herron, Roy (JD '79, MDiv '80)

Faith in Politics: Southern Political Battles Past and Present (The University of Tennessee Press)

Krinks, Lindsey (MTS ’13)A cream colored book cover. The top reads Susannah Larry in burgundy. In the center of the book are smeared lines of paint: orange, red, light blue, dark blue, medium blue, light blue, red, and orange. In white text over the smeared paint reads Leaving Silence in white. At the bottom of the book says Sexualized Violence, the Bible, and Standing with Survivors in burgundy

Praying with Our Feet: Pursuing Justice and Healing on the Streets  (Brazos Press)

Larry, Susannah (MTS '14, MA '17, PhD '20)

Leaving Silence: Sexualized Violence, the Bible, and Standing with Survivors (Herald Press)

Mojica Rodríguez, Prisca Dorcas (MDiv ’15)

For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts  (Seal Press)

McReynolds, James Evans (MDiv ’71, DDiv ’72)

Joy In the Seasons of Life (Parson’s Porch)

Walking with God in the Garden  (Parson’s Porch)

The Joy of the Kingdom: Envisioning the Great Commission (Parson’s Porch)Purple background with the text reading in white For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts. A brown skinned hand showing the top of a black lace sleeve reaches up from the bottom holding a small orange heart.

Orsborn, Carol (MTS ’97, PhD ’02)

The Making of an Old Soul: Aging as the Fulfillment of Life’s Promise  (White River Press)

Osinski, Keegan (MTS '19)

Queering Wesley, Queering the Church (Cascade Books)

Penchansky, David (PhD '88)

Solomon and the Ant: The Qur'an in Conversation with the Bible (Cascade Books )

Plank, Karl (MDiv ’77, MA ’80, PhD ’83)

The Fact of the Cage: Reading and Redemption in David Foster Wallace’s ‘Infinite Jest’  (Routledge)

Richardson, Thomas (MTS ’10)

How to Read (Friendly City Books)

Russaw, Kimberly D. (MA '10, PhD '16)

Revisiting Rahab: Another Look at the Woman of Jericho (Wesley's Foundery Books)

Steele, Ralph (MDiv ’87)Dark purple background. There are light purple, pink, and yellow circles radiating from the center. The yellow circles look like they are filled with light. The text Practically Divine is in yellow at the top. Becca Stevens President and Founder of Thistle Farms text is in white at the bottom.

Income for Life and Generational Wealth  and  Ministering: Soul to Souls, Healing, Miracles and Prosperity  (Wealth Think Tank)

Stevens, Becca (MDiv '90)

Practically Divine (Harper Horizon)

Welch, Don (MA '75, PhD '76)

Opening Thoughts on Everyday Living: Digging Deeper, Looking Farther. (Books Fluent)

Wigg-Stevenson, Natalie (MA '10, PhD '11)

Transgressive Devotion: Theology as Performance Art (SCM Press)