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Relevant Religion Series

A Wednesday Evening Lecture Series on West End

with Jay Geller

Associate Professor of Modern Jewish Culture | Vanderbilt University

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What’s in a name … or a date … or a number?

What are the meanings and implications:

  • When someone speaks of the Holocaust, another of the Shoah, and a third of the Final Solution?
  • When someone traces the attempted destruction of European Jewry back to the first century beginnings of Christianity, another to the 20 April 1889 birth of Hitler, and a third to the June 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union?
  • When someone refers to The Six Million, another to an estimated 5,693,851, a third to around 11,000,000, and a fourth to maybe 250,000?

Let’s talk about it…


  • October 18 - Sherith Israel
  • October 25 - Blakemore UMC
  • November 1 - West End Church of Christ
  • November 8 - Sherith Israel

2017 Relevant Religion Series map

$10 for the entire series (dinners included)

All events start with dinner at 5:30 p.m.

Registration fee (cash or check only please) will be collected on site the day of the event.