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Misc. VDS Events

In-forming Communities of Healing

Wednesday, February 4 @ 7:00pm in Tillett Lounge
“Embodying Regeneration: For Any-Body Carrying the Weight of Sexual Violence” 


Sexual trauma and sexualized violence are embodied experiences that are re-membered and held in every part of who we are—in our cells, our muscles, in our minds and our spirits.  These experiences and their aftermath bleed into every single subsequent day, experience, and interaction that we have. 

Wednesday evening, February ?, 2015, Dr. Marcia Mount Shoop will be guiding an event called “Embodying Regeneration: For Any-Body Carrying the Weight of Sexual Violence” especially for those of us who hold the considerable heaviness of sexualized violence. Dr. Mount Shoop guided an “Embodying Regeneration” event in November. The February event will have the same spirit and similar practices, but is open to both those who participated in November and those who did not.

If you are a victim, survivor, someone who has witnessed sexualized violence or who is intimately connected to a survivor, someone whose body is assumed to be violent because of cultural stereotypes, of if you have actively changed the way you live your life due to fear of sexual violence, please join us for this event.

“Embodying Regeneration” will provide a supportive, explorative, and healing space. This event creates space for those who identify as being affected by sexual violence. We will practice together the skills of noticing and listening to the narratives, the wisdom, and the healing opportunities in our bodies. Your vulnerability will be held gently and honored.

Come and practice the possibilities of embodying regeneration both in your own life and in your connections with others.