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Verba Prophetarum

Verba Prophetarum


Verba Prophetarum is a celebration of publications authored by faculty, faculty emeriti, staff, students, and alumni.

  • Verba Prophetarum - Alumni will be held Friday, April 22, via Zoom, and features publications from our current students and alumni.
  • Verba Prophetarum - Facultas will be held Monday, May 9, at the Library Community Room, and features publications from our faculty, faculty emeriti, and staff. 

Verba Prophetarum - Alumni Schedule

Opening: Dean emilie m. townes

  • 8:55am: Devotional reading from Eileen Campbell-Reed 

Moderator: Kashif Andrew Graham, Outreach Librarian for Religion & Theology

  • 9:00am: Emerging Voices (30 min) – Emily Joy Allison and Taqiyyah Elliott
  • 9:45am: On Grief and Healing (30 min) – Heather Burwell, Susannah Larry, Donna Whitney
  • 10:30am: Prophetic Strophes (45 min) – C.I. Aki, Margaret Ernst, Thomas Richardson, Meg Wade

Moderator: Keegan Osinski, Librarian for Theology & Ethics

  • 11:30am: Theology Embodied (45 min) – Kat Armas, Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez
  • 2:30pm: Living in Your Faith (30 min) – Jen Bailey, Lindsey Krinks

Moderator: Rev. Laura M. Cheifetz, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Vocation, and Stewardship

  • 3:15pm: Systemic Racism and Asian American Bible Interpretation (30 min) – Jin Young Choi
  • 4:00pm: Publishing panel (30 min) – Cathleen Falsani, Bridget Green
  • 4:30pm: Devotional reading from Eileen Campbell-Reed 

Closing: Dean Ellen Armour

2022 Verba Prophetarum - Alumni Selections

(listed alphabetically by author last name)

C.I. Aki - The World Black, Beautiful, and Beast

Emily Joy Allison - #ChurchToo: How Purity Culture Upholds Abuse and How to Find Healing

Kat Armas - Abulita Faith: What Women on the Margins Teach Us about Wisdom, Persistence, and Strength

Jennifer Bailey - To My Beloveds: Letters on Faith, Race, Loss and Radical Change

Heather Burwell - Grief Doesn't Do Math

Eileen R. Campbell-Reed - Pastoral Imagination: Bringing the Practice of Ministry to Life

Jin Young Choi
Minoritized Women Reading Race and Ethnicity: Intersectional Approaches to Constructed Identity and Early Christian Texts

Jin Young Choi and Wongi Park
Asian American Biblical Criticism (Vol. 16, No 1 (2020): Bible and Critical Theory)

Taqiyyah Elliott - What Shall the Black Girl Do with Forgiveness?

Margaret Ernst - June Story and Other Poems

Roy Herron - Faith in Politics: Southern Political Battles Past and Present

Lindsey Krinks - Praying with Our Feet: Pursuing Justice and Healing on the Streets

Susannah Larry - Leaving Silence: Sexualized Violence, the Bible, and Standing with Survivors

Carol Orsborn - The Making of an Old Soul: Aging as the Fulfillment of Life's Promise

R.L. Rahamim - Ode 2 We; Look for Getting Through

Thomas Richardson - How to Read

Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez - For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts: A Love Letter to Women of Color

Meg Wade - Slick Like Dark

Donna Jane Krupkin Whitney - Devotional Readings for the National Week of Prayer for the Healing of HIV/AIDS


2022 Verba Prophetarum - Facultas Selections

(listed alphabetically by author last name)

Annalisa Azzoni and Douglas A. Knight - From Mari to Jerusalem and Back: Assyriological and Biblical Studies in Honor of Jack Murad Sasson

Stephanie Budwey
In Spirit and Truth: A Vision of Episcopal Worship
Über die binäre liturgische Sprache hinausgehen: Ein Plädoyer für inklusive und expansive Sprache (Moving Beyond Binary Liturgical Language: The Case for Inclusive and Expansive Language)
Worship, Gender, and Sexuality

Laura Mariko Cheifetz - Race in America: Christians Respond to the Crisis

Dennis C. Dickerson - The African Methodist Episcopal Church: A History

Paul DeHart
Creation and Transcendence: Theological Essays on the Divine Sublime
Unspeakable Cults: An Essay in Christology

Stacey Floyd-Thomas - Religion, Race, and COVID-19: Confronting White Supremacy in the Pandemic

Jaco Hamman - Just Traveling: God, Leaving Home, and a Spirituality for the Road

James Hudnut-Beumler - Strangers and Friends at the Welcome Table: Contemporary Christianities in the American South

James Hudnut-Beumler and James P. Byrd - The Story of American Religion: An Introduction

Douglas A. Knight - Joshua and Anomie: Retrojection, Projection, and Recovery

Douglas A. Knight and Amy-Jill Levine - 聖經的意義: 主題進路解讀希伯來聖經 (Shengjing de Yiyi: Zhuti Jinglu Jiedu Xibolai Shengjing, The Meaning of the Bible: A Thematic Approach to the Reading of the Hebrew Bible)

Bonnie Miller-McLemore - Trees and the ‘Unthought Known’: The Wisdom of the Nonhuman (or Do Humans ‘Have Shit for Brains’?)

Bruce Morrill
Practical Sacramental Theology: At the Intersection of Liturgy and Ethics
Models of Liturgical Memory: Mystical-Political Dimensions, Mythic-Historic Tensions
Pursuing the Intrinsic Relationship Between Liturgy and Ethics: Practical-Theological Promise in Poverty of Spirit
Symbol and Sacrifice: Problems in Roman Catholic Theology and Practice, Official and Popular
Tradition and the Roman Rite: The Ongoing Struggle

Keegan Osinski - Queering Wesley, Queering the Church

Joerg Rieger - “Rethinking Religion, Theology, and What Really Matters: The Ultimate Concerns of Essential Work"

Joerg Rieger and Jin Young Choi - Faith, Class, and Labor: Intersectional Approaches in a Global Context

Jack M. Sasson
“Of Shekels and Shackles: A Wadi Sorek Romance (Judges 16)"
“Vile Threat: Rhetoric of a Marital Spat"
“Comparative Bible Research and the Mari Archives"

Bobby Smiley - Information Literacy and Theological Librarianship: Theory & Praxis 

Melissa Snarr
“Economic Justice” in The Oxford Handbook of Reinhold Niebuhr
“I Kings 21:1-10, (11-14), 15-21a and II Samuel 11:26-12:10, 13-15, Commentary 2"
“I Kings 19:1-4, (5-7), 8-15a and Isaiah 65:1-9, Commentary 2”
“II Kings 2:1-2, 6-14 and I Kings 19:15-16, 19-21, Commentary 2”
“Hebrews 10: 11–14, (15–18), 19-2, Commentary 2” & “Revelation 1:4b-8, Commentary 2”

Lisa L. Thompson - Preaching the Headlines

Don Welch - Opening Thoughts on Everyday Living: Digging Deeper, Looking Farther