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The David G. Buttrick Certificate Program in Homiletic Peer Coaching

Divinity School

The David G. Buttrick Certificate Program in Homiletic Peer Coaching, funded by the Lilly Endowment, is aimed at forming preachers and improving the quality of preaching. The program has been named to honor former Vanderbilt preaching professor David G. Buttrick. The program will train and certify peer-group coaches to initiate and successfully lead peer-groups for preachers. 

            Coaches will be trained in:

  • sermon analysis
  • peer-group recruitment and formation
  • peer-group covenant building and group dynamics
  • listening and communication skills
  • Two models for homiletic peer-group process
    • A preacher formation model
    • A sermon formation model

      Coaches will learn how to guide peer-group participants to:

  • Enrich their vocation as preachers
  • Interact more deeply with scripture
  • Preach with theological integrity
  • Energetically engage contexts for preaching
  • Preach with intentionality and purpose
  • Become effective communicators

Program Structure:

  1. Colloquy 1: Coaches-in-training will gather at Vanderbilt Divinity School for five days of training.
  2. Colloquy 2: Coaches-in-training will attend a five-day on-site colloquy at Vanderbilt Divinity School where they will be supervised working with peer-groups invited by program leaders. 
  3. Field Work: Each coach will constitute a peer-group near where they live. Coaches will supervise 8 peer-group sessions under the guidance (through video-conferencing) of a homiletics faculty supervisor.
  4. Colloquy 3: Coaches return to Vanderbilt Divinity School for a final three-day evaluation colloquy and graduation.

For more detailed information, including fees, see the program blog.