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eSpire Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 5 - May 2010

Dean's Charge to the Class of 2010

by James Hudnut-Buemler
May 14, 2010

This is the part of the ceremony where I try to say something wise and true on behalf of our generation of teachers to you, the new generation of divinity graduates.  So here is at least one thing I absolutely know to be true - listen carefully:

For those of you who go into the preaching ministry, I warn you… texting from the pulpit is not only rude, but also dangerous! 

Okay, that is supposed to be a joke, but is it really?  The bottom line in ministry is people, not people somewhere else who you would rather talk to, but the people in your presence whom you see face to face.  So then let’s talk about ministry, about its dangers, and about its power for good.
(Read the full story - Click here)


Rain Makes Everything Grow
by Heather Connely Lefkowitz, MDiv3

As students were camped out in the Divinity School library or at local coffee shop ardently studying for finals and revising the last papers of the semester, the rain fell heavily. By Sunday, May 2, 2010, it was clear that this was an event much more threatening than just a rainy weekend. As the waters rose and Monday’s exams were postponed, the Vanderbilt Divinity School community was mobilizing to help. Numerous students, faculty, and staff volunteered as the immediate threat of flooding began. Today, the community continues to be a part of the long-term relief efforts. Here is a brief reflection from Heather Connelly Lefkowitz, MDiv3, about the Nashville Flood of 2010.
(Read more Rain Makes Everything Grow - click here)


Celebrating the Impact of Theological Education

On April 13 and 14, the Vanderbilt Divinity School and Graduate Department of Religion welcomed our distinguished alumnus, Father Edward A. Malloy back to campus. Affectionately known as Monk during his time as a student, Father Malloy visited campus to be the guest speaker at our third annual Schola Prophetarum celebration dinner.
(Read more Celebrating the Impact and see photos from the dinner- click here)


Your gifts support tomorrow’s brightest educators, ministers, and theologians
Dear Fellow Alumni/ae,

The act of giving is an act of grace that makes a difference in the lives of our students, faculty, congregations, and communities. The majority of our students rely on your giving for at least a portion of their tuition.

Last year, 22 percent of our alumni/ae supported the Vanderbilt Divinity School Fund for Student Assistance. Can you imagine if 100 percent of you gave annually? Even more students could achieve their dreams and pursue their calls to ministry.

You may have received recently a mailing asking you to contribute to Vanderbilt. Please remember the Divinity School when you consider making a gift. Give online, and the impact of your gift will be felt even sooner. Every gift—no matter the size—helps make a Vanderbilt Divinity School education possible.

You are a constant source of strength, and we sincerely appreciate your generosity and commitment to the Vanderbilt Divinity School.

David Hilliard Jr., MDiv'59, DMin'80
President of the Divinity School Alumni/ae Council


Make Plans to Attend

African American Lectionary National Forum On Culture, Worship, & Preaching
Sponsored by the Kelly Miller Smith Institute on Black Church Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School and The African American Pulpit Journal

  • September 30-October 2
  • Vanderbilt Divinity School
  • Free and open to the public


Vanderbilt University Divinity School Homecoming/Reunion 2010- October 21-23, 2010

  • Cole Lectures
  • Alumni/ae and friends reception
  • Alumni/ae and faculty memorial service
  • Reunion class lunch


Cole Lectures presented by the Rev. John W. O’Malley, S.J.

  • Thursday, October 21—“What Happened at Vatican II?”
  • Friday, October 22—“Interpreting What Happened at Vatican II”


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