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Class of 2012 Award Recipients



Congratulations to the Class of 2012

Among the gifts which the University’s founder, Cornelius Vanderbilt, bequeathed to our institution was an endowment for an award to be presented to the degree candidate who has earned first honors for scholarship.

The Founder’s Medals have been awarded since 1877, and for this academic year, the medal is presented to a candidate for the master of theological studies. The 93rd Founder’s Medalist in the history of Vanderbilt University Divinity School is Kyle Lambelet, MTS’12.

Upon earning his baccalaureate in Biblical studies from Azusa Pacific University in California, Kyle responded to a call to promote social justice and to advance political change by working as a community organizer and by becoming a resident in two intentional Christian communities. In Atlanta, he served as a volunteer for the Open Door Community where the residents modeled their ministries in the Catholic Worker tradition. In Greensboro, North Carolina, he entered the Beloved Community Center where he worked for the liberation of individuals on the margins: the homeless, the imprisoned, people of color, and victims of police brutality.

Upon enrolling in the Divinity School, Kyle was awarded a Carpenter Scholarship for his academic promise and for his active commitment to issues of social justice and ministry. He has served as one of the leaders in the Economic Empowerment Coalition, a student organization that educates and advocates for workers’ rights and economic justice at Vanderbilt University and in Middle Tennessee. Kyle also is a founding member of Organized and United for Respect at Vanderbilt, a community union for promoting economic justice for our University’s employees. He is graduated, having maintained a perfect grade point average on the University’s scale.

Kyle, his wife, Nicole, and their 3-year-old daughter, Garren, are awaiting the arrival of the newest member of the Lambelet family later this month before they depart for South Bend, Indiana, where Kyle will begin his doctoral studies at the University of Notre Dame. He plans to pursue a program of studies in moral theology and Christian ethics, and in international peace studies at the Kroc Institute. He aspires to enter the Academy as a professor of ethics, but whatever direction his vocation takes, Kyle says, “I will endeavor to imagine a better world through the eyes of my children.”

Congratulations to the award recipients from the Class of 2012:

The Founder’s Medalist for first honors in the Divinity School’s Class of 2012

Kyle Lambelet, MTS

The Academic Achievement Award highest academic honor for a master of divinity candidate

Angela Flanagan, MDiv

The Umphrey Lee Dean’s Award for exemplifying the mission and vision of the Divinity School

Seth Terrell, MDiv

The Florence Conwell Prize for accomplishments in preaching

Kendrick Newton, MDiv

The Saint James Academy Award for composing the outstanding sermon

Melanie Jones, MDiv

The W. Kendrick Grobel Award for accomplishments in Biblical studies

Chris McCain, MDiv

The J.D. Owen Prize for accomplishments in the study of the New Testament

Angela Flanagan, MDiv

The Elliott F. Shepard Prize for accomplishments in church history

James Squibb, MTS

The Wilbur F. Tillett Prize for accomplishments in the study of theology

William Levanway, MDiv

The Nella May Overby Award for honors in field education

Jane Herring, MDiv

The William A. Newcomb Prize for exemplifying the idea of minister as theologian and for receiving honors on one’s master divinity degree project

Cameron Barr, MDiv

The Chalice Press Book Award for academic distinction by students representing the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ and the Disciples of Divinity House

Eli Rolon, MDiv

Andrew Shepherd, MDiv

The Luke-Acts Prize for composing the most significant paper on an aspect of Luke-Acts

Luke Townsend, MDiv

The Bishop Holland Nimmons McTyeire Award for exemplifying the Wesleyan ideals for Christian servant leadership

Candice Fisher, MDiv

Whitney Mitchell, MDiv

The Bettye R. Ford Graduate Student Service Award for significant contributions to Vanderbilt University’s Graduate Department of Religion

Carolyn Jane Davis, doctoral student in theology

The Student Government Association Service Awards presented to the student and member of the faculty or staff for significant contributions to the Divinity School community

Andrew Shepherd, MDiv

Amy Steele, assistant dean for student life