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Sacred Borders

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Sacred Borders is a reforming and rebranding of the group Mosaic. We seek to bring together individuals from all religious traditions in order to create a community of inter-faith experience and dialogue. Our methods will include cultural, social, educational, and religious exploration aimed at bridging gaps and creating understanding. The driving ambitions of this group are to foster dialogue and learning. We are concerned with providing space for inter-faith experience through the exploration of religious communities and dialogue. Participation is open to all students, graduate or undergraduate, and their presence is encouraged. All are welcome to participate in the site visits to worship places and the dialogues that emerge.

2014-2015 Co-Chairs:

President: Jake Wood

Community Liason :  

Vanderbilt Liason:  

Advertising and Finance Chai r:  


Faculty Advisor: Mike Zimmerman


Click here is a tentative schedule of events. All events are subject to change throughout the semester.



Please check out our Facebook page to find out what's going on!