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Presbyterian Student Association

The Presbyterian Student Association exists to provide a community for Presbyterian students in the Divinity School and Graduate Department of Religion.  It provides opportunities for leadership development, building relationships with other Presbyterians within the VDS community as well as in the Nashville Metro Area.  The PSA helps to foster personal spiritual growth and provide opportunities for discussion of critical issues that face the church and the world.  This group intends to equip and nurture members involved in preparation for ministry, help discern the place of Presbyterians within the ecumenical context of VDS and the contemporary Christian community, and aid in affirming the faith and traditions of Presbyterians within the context of theological education.

The Presbyterian Student Association consists of all interested members of the VDS/GDR community.  The group is coordinated by a leadership council who serve on committees such as:  fellowship, worship, finance, education, and outreach.

The PSA hosts several activities through-out the year.  These consist of fellowship dinners, worship opportunities, ordination exam preparation, and community networking.