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Student Organizations

Student Groups

  • Al’s Pub

    Fosters community through happy hour and collaborative events with other groups.

  • Black Seminarians

    Focuses on the unique experience of black American seminarians. (Inclusive to all students)

  • Eco-Concerns

    Addresses theological and ethical engagement of environmental issues. (Inactive)

  • Economic Empowerment Coalition

    Raises awareness on economic issues in Nashville and at Vanderbilt (e.g. living wage movement, worker justice, ect.) (Inactive)


    Addresses issues of homophobia and heterosexism in religious life, society, and the academy. 

  • Goodmen 

    Supports the social, economic, educational, and political empowerment of male students of color preparing them to engage with academic, corporate, and nonprofit communities. 

  • Latin@/American@ Seminarians
    Seeks to create a communal space to embody and affirm diverse Latin@/American@ cultures.

  • Marginalia: To the Least of These
    Bears witness to the needs and experiences of the Nashville homeless community (Inactive)
  • Methodist Student Association

    Provides opportunity for mutual support and spiritual edification of United Methodists.

  • Office of Women's Concerns

    Encourages discussion and awareness of women’s issues. 

  • PAUSE - Providing Alternative Understanding and Self Exploration 
    Seeks to provide a safe space for atheist, agnostic, agnostic, non-deist, and other non-traditionals (Inactive)

    Focuses on student creativity and allowing for artistic growth, expression, and incorporation within VDS. 

  • Presbyterian Student Association (Inactive)
  • Project Pyramid
  • Sacred Borders (formerly known as Mosaic)
    Promotes dialogue and understanding amongst religious traditions

  • SHADES -  Serving, Helping, and Affirming the Diversity in Every Sista’
    Promotes awareness of the struggles, challenges, and triumphs of black women’s experiences.

  • Students Exploring Chaplaincy (SEC)
    Open to anyone interested in learning about all the unique ministry opportunities in chaplaincy.

  • The Society of Cornelius
    Supports and enhances the religious lives of its members through the resources of the Catholic Church. (Inclusive of all students, especially Lutheran, Episcopal and Orthodox)  
  • Taste 

    Promotes the exploration at the intersection of food, culture, and spirituality. (Inactive)

  • Translation

    Promotes dialogue around self-identity and vocational discernment. (Inactive)

  • Vader - Vanderbilt Advocates for Disabilities Education and Research 
    Interested in bringing education and advocacy in the fields of disabilities to Vanderbilt (Inactive)