Spirituality and Social Activism

The Spirituality and Activism concentration gives students interdisciplinary knowledge for integrating spirituality with vocations of activism. Students will be exposed to the historical and contemporary contexts in which spirituality and activism have helped generate movements for justice in the academy, religious communities, and society.

  • Learning Goals
    • Reflect ethically, biblically, and pastorally on the practice of activism in light of spirituality.
    • Understanding the practice of spirituality as an integral aspect for sustained commitment to social activism.
    • Developing capacity in creating public spaces for the integration of spirituality in activism.
  • Required Courses

    At least one of the following:

  • Praxis Options

    Students may: 

    • Choose an additional Field Education option. 
    • Develop VDS-specific Forums on Spirituality and Social Activism as part of the assignment/work of a course. Prior approval by the Convener and professor required.  
    • Develop an independent course whereby their final assignment is a public activism project that includes a spirituality component.
  • Sample Courses