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Relevant Religion

Relevant Religion Spring 2015

April 11, 2015

9:00 - 12:00 noon

Vanderbilt Divinity School, Room 122


Herbert Marbury

Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible




Graham Reside

Executive Director, Cal Turner Program in Moral Leadership for the Professions and
Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University Divinity School


After Globalization:

What Does Religion Have to Say About Race in the U.S.?

The USA is, according to Harvard’s Pluralism Project Director, Diana Eck, the world’s most religiously diverse nation.  It is also the most ethnically and racially diverse country on the planet.  Race and Religion have created both conflict and a sense of common purpose against injustice.  Events in Ferguson, and the Murfreesboro Mosque controversy are two recent examples, but so too is the national debate on immigration, cross-cut with religious and racial concerns.  

Professors Marbury and Reside will discuss the current state of affairs in racial and religious dynamics in the USA, and will seek to find resources within our religious traditions to ease rather than deepen racial and religious tensions in our nation.  How can we make our differences a strength?  What are our moral obligations to one another?  How do we live out our faith in an increasingly globalized society, marked by religious and racial difference?  These are the questions we will take up in our time together.


Please RSVP to 615-936-8453
Cost: General Registration - $10, Student Registration - Free for all VDS Students