Laine Walters Young

Assistant Director of the Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership

Laine Walters Young has over fifteen years of experience creatively engaging people on issues of cultural difference and moral leadership across religion, region, and racial background.

Laine loves helping people to reflect upon what we owe each other, ourselves, and those closest to us so that we can treat people better systemically and personally. Her favorite Moral Leadership work is directing the interprofessional student fellowship, an application-based group of 18 masters-level students across the professional schools of law, divinity, medicine, management, education and community development, and nursing who journey together over a year to deepen their moral awareness and gain leadership skill.

She also enjoys researching character development and figuring out how to enable people in different circumstances to be more morally courageous and resilient.

Laine earned a PhD in Religion, Psychology and Culture from Vanderbilt in 2019, after several years in the nonprofit sector, and a degree concentrating in Religion in American Public Life from Harvard Divinity School. She identifies as a feminist care ethicist, encouraging care and thoughtfulness wherever she goes.

In her free time, she enjoys reading and baking with her kindergartener Theodore and spending time with her gourmand husband Michael.