Cal Turner Program Student Fellowship

This is an image of Cal Turner Jr. speaking to members of the CTP Program in the VDS Reading Room.

Over the past dozen years, the Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership has invited students, from Vanderbilt's professional schools of law, divinity, education, business management, nursing, and medicine to participate in project-based teams focused on interprofessional and community engagement around socio-moral concerns. Fellowship cohorts have ranged in size and style of project engagement. This year, 17 fellows meet twice a month over lunch to discuss and reflect upon moral leadership, moral values, moral power, and moral conflict. They will choose interprofessional small group moral inquiry projects for the spring term.

As the main program of the CTPML, the goal of the student fellowship is working with fellows to deepen their moral range and sense of social responsibility/possibility through providing spaces for grounded idealism and moral fellowship.

Presentations from last year: 

Hope in the Margins:Moral Leadership within the Prison System

Authentic Leadership 

Exploring the Moral Implications of Postpartum Depression: An Interdisciplinary Approach

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