Carpenter Certificate Program

Through an individually designed course of study, M. Div. and MTS students in this certificate program explore the complex set of issues presented under the interdisciplinary rubric of religion, gender, and sexuality.

Certificate Guidelines

The Carpenter Certificate requires fifteen credit hours (typically, 5 courses), a scholarly  project (normally the M.Div. Senior Project or the MTS thesis), and a service project that demonstrates the students' ability to put academic knowledge to practical use. Four of the five courses may also be counted toward the Religion, Gender and Sexuality Concentration.

Of the 5 courses:

  • one (1) must be in Textual Interpretation (normally Hebrew Bible, New Testament, or Historical Studies)
  • one (1) in Theology or Ethics
  • one (1) in Homiletics and Liturgics, Religion, Psychology and Culture, or Field Education (with the permission of the Director)

Normally, the remaining two courses will be selected from among courses designated in the course catalog as counting toward the Carpenter Certificate. Students may also request permission from the Director to count one course toward the Certificate that is not so designated, if the professor will allow the student to focus their graded work on the connections between the course's subject and religion, gender, and sexuality.

To avoid giving LGBTQIA+ issues only cursory attention, at least one of the five courses must directly address this subject.


For more information about the Carpenter Certificate, please contact Victor Judge.