KMSI Courses

Victor Anderson  
Oberlin Alumni Professor of Christian Ethics  
Professor of African American Studies 
Professor of Religious Studies 

  • Ethics in Theological Perspectives 
  • Advanced Theological Ethics, Catholic Moral Theology 
  • Theology and Ethics in America 
  • Black Religion and Culture Studies I 
  • Black Religion and Culture Studies II: Representation and Performance in Cultural Studies 
  • Slave Religion 
  • Methods in Ethics  
  • Political Ethics: The Tradition of Political Liberalism and the Priority of Democracy 
  • Twentieth-Century North Atlantic Ethics: The Tradition of Theological Liberalism 

Dennis C. Dickerson  
Professor of History 

  • Religion and the Civil Rights Movement 
  • 20th century African American Religious History 

Juan Floyd-Thomas  
Associate Professor in the Field of Black Church Studies 

  • Introduction to Black Church Studies 
  • Religions of the African Diaspora 
  • Critical Readings in Afro-American Religion 
  • Race, Religion, and Protest Music 
  • Moral Philosophy and Black Popular Culture 
  • Black Religion in Context: Harlem 
  • The Religious Thought of Howard Thurman 
  • Cultural Significations and Black Religion 

Stacey Floyd-Thomas  
Associate Professor of Ethics and Society 

  • Womanist Literature as a Resource for Ethics 
  • Womanist Theology and Ethics in Praxis 
  • African American Social Ethics 
  • Moral Philosophy and Black Popular Culture 

Forrest Harris  
Assistant Professor of Black Church Studies 

  • Theology and Ministry in the Black Church Tradition 
  • Black Preaching  
  • Liberation and Spirituality 
  • Black Religious Leadership 
  • Race, Religion and Ethnicity in America 
  • Race, Sexuality, Class, and Inequality 

Herbert Marbury  
Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible 

  • African American Biblical Hermeneutics 
  • Hebrew Bible 

Phillis I. SheppardE. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Chair of Religion, Psychology, and CultureProfessor of Religion, Psychology, and CultureDirector of the James Lawson Institute for the Research and Study of Nonviolent

  • Decolonizing Theologies of Care
  • Franz Fanon's Psychology
  • Evil Aggression and Cultural Trauma
  • Butch, Femme, Queer+ in Women's Narratives and Ethnographies
  • Womanist Ethnography
  • Womanist Thought in Religion, Psychology and Culture
  • Theology and Practice Colloquy (co-taught)
  • Latino/a/x Pastoral Theology
  • Pastoral Care and Community Justice
  • Pastoral Theology and Care
  • Pastoral Theologies and Ethics of the Street
  • Spirituality and Social Activism

Lisa ThompsonAssociate Professor and the Cornelius Vanderbilt Chancellor Faculty Fellow of Black Homiletics and

  • Homiletic Theory and Methods Womanist Proclamation Ritual and the Arts
  • Proclamation and Black Experiences
  • Bodies Power and the Pulpit
  • Faith and the Headlines
  • Voice Imagination and Sacred Utterances
  • Fundamentals of Preaching