Mining Spiritual Resources Handbook

We have heard that students need a poetic word that articulates intellectual wisdom and soulful theory to help them make sense of their vocation and ground their journey. This handbook is our response-an attempt to name particular resources for students who experience the bone-grinding, heart-crushing work of social justice leadership in an often-hostile world. The purpose of this brief resource is to provide theological students helpful tools to discover what lies just beyond the surface of their faith, immediate culture, and tradition(s).

Currently, the handbook aims toward these objectives:

  • To highlight resources that may be helpful across faiths and denominations
  • To raise constructive questions for personal and small group engagement
  • To offer helpful resources for theological students involved in justice work
  • To offer a structure for small accountability groups interested in engaging soul work together

We hope that you engage this resource critically, but also soulfully-awake to the possibility that there are depths to discover from living in community. We try to offer a serious, but experimental handbook for you to gather around. May its fires warm you and sustain your journey.