Dale Andrews

  • Rattling Bones: A Eulogy for Dale P. Andrews

    Rattling Bones: A Eulogy for Dale P. Andrews

    JANUARY 16, 2013- Martin Luther King Commemorative Program, Elon University (photo by Dan Anderson) RATTLING BONES Eulogy for Dale P. Andrews Emilie M. Townes 27 September 2017 Vanderbilt Divinity School Ezekiel 37:1-14 pastoral prayer if we die while being faithful, then death is not the end of life this redaction from an interview dale gave in 2011 was repeated many times on facebook and other social media in the days shortly after he died it was taken from a longer interview he did with faith and leadership—a resource from leadership education at duke divinity school in that interview, he talked about balancing the pastoral and the prophetic as an ongoing challenge for the church and the specific question he was responding to was: What about those leaders in the church who may say, “Well, social justice is a goal, but we are trying to keep our organization together, trying to keep it healthy, trying to keep it alive”? How do those two issues intersect? Read More

    Oct. 26, 2017