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Niger Amin Woodruff was appointed assistant director of admissions and vocational discernment at the Vanderbilt University Divinity School.

April 25, 2014—From the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education: Two African American Taking on New Administrative Roles in Higher Education READ MORE »

Two new Vanderbilt Divinity hires will help guide students

April 18, 2014—The Rev. Lillian Hallstrand and the Rev. Niger Amin Woodruff have joined Vanderbilt Divinity School's Office of Admissions, Vocation and Stewardship in new positions to provide increased guidance to current as well as prospective students. READ MORE »

Professor Dave Michelson published "The Thousand Lives of Charlemagne: How Medieval Poets Turned a Border Skirmish into a Foundational Medieval Legend" Christian History 108 (2014): 39.

December 31, 1969—PASSING CENTURIES only increased Charlemagne's mythic stature. Of all medieval legends about "Holy Roman Emperors," over 1,000 were composed about Charlemagne. The next most popular was Frederick I Barbarossa, whose 50 pale in comparison! Perhaps no legend is a greater example of the power of myth than the epic poem La Chanson de Roland (The Song of Roland). READ MORE »

Professor Dave Michelson published"Charlemagne's Furniture: Whatever Happened to the Holy Roman Empire?" Christian History 108 (2014): 36-38.

December 31, 1969—WHEN CHARLEMAGNE DIED on January 28, 814, his will listed an unusual set of matching furniture. Charlemagne owned three ornamental silver tables, each with a map or image of a city engraved on it. The first bore an image of the city of Rome. The second depicted the Byzantine capital city Constantinople, which thought of itself as "New Rome." In his will, Charlemagne left these two tables to two different bishops. He sent the "Constantinople" table to the bishop of Rome and the "Rome" table to a bishop of former Byzantine territory that he had conquered. READ MORE »

UMC Bishop McAllily writes about VDS alumnus, Andrew Thompson MDiv01

March 29, 2014—Recently I've been reading Andrew Thompson's blog series From Wesley's Pen as he reflects on John Wesley's life and practice. For those who don't know Andrew Thompson, he is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and teaches at Memphis Theological Seminary in Memphis, Tennessee. He earned the Doctor of Theology degree from Duke University. Thompson's scholarly work focuses on the thought of John Wesley, the history of early Methodism, and contemporary Wesleyan theology. He will joining us at both annual conference sessions to think about the task of connecting and equipping people to carry out ministry in the United Methodist Church. READ MORE »

From Faith & Leadership - Emilie M. Townes: The church is being transformed

March 25, 2014—The dean of Vanderbilt Divinity School rejects the notion that the church is dying and sees the job of the divinity school as preparing students financially, spiritually and professionally to lead in a church that is changing. READ MORE »

Congratulations to our very own Sarah Jennings, MDiv3, who won Vanderbilt's version of American Idol!!!!!!

March 14, 2014—Watch: A star is born ... Vandy-style MARCH 14, 2014 - 10:28 AM Posted Friday, March 14, 2014 -- 10:28 AM The winner of Vanderbilt's version of American Idol is Sarah Jennings, a third-year master's student at Vanderbilt Divinity School. Jennings won the Vanderbilt Star songwriting contest on March 14 at Ingram Hall with her winning song "Addicted to You." READ MORE »

Antoinette Brown Lecturer, Ellen Armour, to discuss impact of Anglican Church crisis

March 10, 2014—A seismic event for the Episcopal Church U.S.A. -- the consecration of its first openly gay bishop -- will be the starting point for Ellen T. Armour when she delivers the 40th Antoinette Brown Lecture March 20 at Vanderbilt Divinity School READ MORE »

Yale chaplain, Sharon M.K. Kugler, to deliver Vanderbilt Divinity Bogitsh lecture

February 24, 2014—Yale University Chaplain Sharon M.K. Kugler will discuss committed interfaith work in a multi-faith world for the 2014 Mafoi Carlisle Bogitsh Memorial Lecture Feb. 27 at Vanderbilt Divinity School. READ MORE »

Civil Rights Icon James Lawson Provides Living History At CSUN

February 13, 2014—Acclaimed civil rights leader the Rev. James Lawson is spending this spring teaching at California State University, Northridge and hoping to inspire students to follow the words of author Robert Louis Stevenson: "To be what you are capable of becoming what you can become is the sole end of life!" READ MORE »

Focus is on creative process at VU immigration reform symposium hosted by Vanderbilt Divinity School

February 14, 2014—Visual, film and musical artists will come together to explore new approaches to immigration reform at a public symposium Feb. 20 and 21 at Vanderbilt University and the Scarritt-Bennett Center. READ MORE »

Rabbi Randall Falk's conscience led city in stormy times

February 2, 2014—Late Nashville rabbi Randall Falk was an active participant in Nashville's Civil Rights movement. Bill Fitch, dean of Vanderbilt Divinity School from 1961 - 1964, accompanied Falk on a 1964 march of Nashville religious leaders and is mentioned. READ MORE »

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