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The racially integrated Edgehill church survived its tumultuous start during segregation in part because of partnerships forged with Vanderbilt Divinity School students.

July 5, 2016—Edgehill United Methodist Church stood in solidarity with the gay and lesbian community and chose to halt weddings at the Edgehill neighborhood church until marriage was legal for all. READ MORE »

Iuliana Viezure reviews David Michelson’s Practical Christology of Philoxenos of Mabbug

June 2, 2016—Philoxenos, the bishop of Mabbug in Syria between 485 and 519, is one of the most important late-antique witnesses to the development of the West-Syrian Christian tradition. His incredibly rich literary corpus (over 500,000 words in David A. Michelson’s estimation) is preserved in numerous manuscripts, some dating as early as the sixth and seventh century. READ MORE »

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