Religion, Gender and Sexuality

This concentration allows students to explore the complex intellectual, historical, and practical interactions between religion, gender, and sexuality.

  • Learning Goals

    To prepare students with the intellectual and practical tools to work effectively on these issues with communities of faith.

  • Required Courses

    None. However, courses taken to fulfill the concentration in RGS can also count toward the Carpenter Certificate in Religion, Gender, and Sexuality . Students pursuing the Carpenter Certificate should ensure that they to select RGS courses that fulfill its more specific requirements as well.

  • Praxis Options

    MDiv students typically fulfill this requirement through field education. MTS students can also opt for field education. Other options for both MDiv and MTS students include courses designated as counting toward RGS that integrate other kinds of practices (creative arts, for example). This option needs the approval of the concentration convener and the professor of the course. 

  • Sample Courses

    Courses that count toward the RGS Concentration include, but are not limited to: 

    Students may also request permission from the convener to count one course toward the concentration that is not designated as RGS, if the professor will allow the student to focus their graded work on the connections between the course's subject and religion, gender and sexuality.