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  • Academics

    The African American Lectionary is a resource tool that not only highlights the African American ecclesial traditions and moments that creatively express the joy, freedom, and the challenges of being both African American and Christian, but also recognizes days on the liturgical calendar that are celebrated across a variety of ecclesial traditions.

    The African-American Pulpit (TAAP) provides practical and creative resources for persons in ministry by featuring sermons, articles, interviews, sermon helps, history, practical how-to advice, and book reviews, all to help the preacher and pastor be more effective in the communication and the preaching of the gospel. TAAP is informative, inspirational, and thought provoking.

    The Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center (BCC) at Vanderbilt provides educational and cultural programming for the University and Nashville communities. is an online community for people of African descent and others interested in the African and African American Christian experience and is a one-stop resource for inspiration and information to help spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

    The Carpenter Program includes facilitating courses of study, workshops, lectures, and providing consultation and information services. This resource provides information concerning gender, religion, and sexuality, as well as a growing list of syllabi, tradition statements, papers and student projects, links relating to the Carpenter Program's mission, upcoming Carpenter sponsored events, and related conferences.

    The Fund for Theological Education (FTE) is the only national, ecumenical nonprofit organization dedicated to finding and supporting tomorrow's Christian leaders--pastors and theological educators--who serve the common good. FTE helps identify gifted young people from all denominations and backgrounds who are interested in entering vocations in ministry and teaching, and provide them with fellowships and a network of support on their path to leadership.

    The Program in African American & Diaspora (PAADS) offers an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and comparative study of the lived experiences of Blacks dispersed throughout the world from the continent of Africa, a dispersion (and its causes) referred to as the African diaspora. 

    The Women's and Gender Studies at Vanderbilt is an interdisciplinary program that examines gender as socio-cultural construct that orders human perceptions and practices but is also historically variable. WGS is the intellectual face of feminism on campus and in the broader community.

  • Organizations

    The African-American Cultural Alliance (AACA) promotes positive values in culture and education of the African Diaspora; promotes dignity and creativity in the world affairs of the African Diaspora; develops and sustains a vehicle for cultures of the African Diaspora and others to develop the abilities of its people to advance their holistic well-being through positive motivation and intercultural relationships.

    The Balm In Gilead is a national, non-profit organization founded in 1989 with headquarters in New York City. Its mission is to work through Black churches to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in the African American community and to support those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

    The Black Religious Scholars Group (BRSG) sponsors consultations and speaking series for the prophetic witnessing and liberating theology of the Black Church tradition within the academy, church and wider Black community.

    Project Return provides services and connects people with resources needed to return successfully to work and community after incarceration.

    Nashville Cares is Tennessee's leading community-based AIDS service organization. This site includes information about the organizations education programs like Brothers United which is an education program designed to provide HIV prevention education to gay and bisexual men of color as well as to promote self empowerment and community building.

    The Urban EpiCenter, continues in the work and legacy of the civil rights movement, uses nonviolent resistance and direct action as the platform from which to advance racial and social justice.

    The Urban League of Middle Tennessee enables African Americans, other minorities and disenfranchised groups to secure economic self-reliance, power, parity, and civil rights.

  • Business & Social

    Alkebu-Lan Images Book Store is a wonderful black bookstore in Historic Nashville that boasts a diverse range of published genres, as well as gift items such as clothing, jewelry, and the like.

    The Hadley Park Recreation Center provides a wide range of programs and services to all members of the community. Activities and services for everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens are offered at the center throughout the year.

  • Ecclesial