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Student Life

Welcome to Student Life at Vanderbilt Divinity School! A distinguishing feature of this community is its students, some of the most socially engaged, academically committed, and ethically motivated people in the world.  

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Vanderbilt Divinity School’s student body consists of about 220 students from 38 states as well as several foreign countries. The student body represents more than twenty unique religious traditions. Our student body ranges greatly in age from early 20s to late 60s, with a median age of 27. Currently, the gender breakdown in the school is almost equal parity among males and female. We affirm students who identify as trans* or gender-nonconforming. 

Vanderbilt University has a total enrollment of almost 7,000 undergraduates and almost 6,000 graduate and professional students.  For more information on Vanderbilt University, we invite you to visit

Weekly Student Life Events

Students, staff, and faculty take time each Wednesday following worship, for Coffee Hour to engage in conversation, share announcements, meet prospective students, and relax over freshly brewed coffee, hot tea, and locally baked donuts and muffins.

Worship each Wednesday offers the community another occasion to experience the sacred traditions, diverse worship practices, and theological beliefs that support student spiritual formation, professional development—from leading preaching and worship—and genuine community engagement. In addition to these services are daily Morning Prayer and Tuesday Taize services led by the Society of St. Cornelius, Friday yoga sessions co-sponsored by the Office of Women’s Concerns, and the Fall Revival sponsored by the Black Seminarians.

More informal encounters such as impromptu hallway conversations and spontaneous study groups, jam sessions with the growing number of musicians and poets in our ranks, and pick-up horseshoe games in the Quadrangle are among the activities that add to the diversity of activity in student life.

A new feature of student life is a hearty list of denominational liaisons that help students navigate their ordination process and vocational discernment. These faculty and local pastoral leaders serve as a connection between the school and the denominational adjudicatory offices that assist students in church and nonprofit employment.

Finally, the Student Government Association boasts of over fifteen organizations born out of the classroom experience emphasizing critical engagement on matters of equity and justice.

Each of these opportunities materializes out of a deep commitment of our school to respect diversity and honor humanity, within the bounds of our campus and beyond these beautiful grounds in the world. 

Amy Steele, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Community Life
Email  | 615-343-5749