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Worship and Spiritual Formation


We seek to create a sacred space where tradition is honored, equality, justice and love are embodied, and the good news is lived. We affirm our community worship as an experience that carries on religious traditions’ expressions of the Divine Mystery for and with us. At the same time we want to name and own the aspects of those traditions that do not uphold the dignity and inclusion of all.

As you participate with or lead us in worshiping the Sacred as it is authentic to you and your tradition, we ask that you be mindful of the ways language, symbols and imagery historically have served—and can continue to serve—to exclude and oppress. We want to be witnesses to the good news that the walls of division between us have been razed by love. Believing that communities of faith are called to repent and reform as the meaning of the good news continues to unfold in our midst, we remain open to the promptings of the spirit toward truth and just communion. We hope that as a participant in this worshiping community you will join us in pursuing this vision.

Worship Committee

Jaco Hamman, Faculty Chair
Juan Floyd-Thomas, Faculty Member
Amy E. Steele, Assistant Dean for Student Life


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