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Vanderbilt Divinity School is home to 4 Professional Degrees as well as offering 5 Dual-Degrees with other Vanderbilt Schools for M. Div and M.T.S. candidates.

Master of Divinity, M.Div

A Master of Divinity is the first step in preparation for a career in ministry, a first theological degree. As a student pursuing a M.Div. you will follow an in-depth interdisciplinary work to foster life-long curiosity for learning and understanding.

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Master of Theological Studies, M.T.S.

A Master of Theological Studies is a first theological degree offered at VDS for those who wish to pursue several theological disciplines; however, students interested in enhancing their own religious faith and understanding also pursue this degree.

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Master of Theology, Th.M.

The Master of Theology program is an advanced degree program for students who have prior theological studies foundation. Students pursuing the Th.M. have opportunities to develop research questions and research methods to explore, analyze, and formulate constructive insights in their area of theological study.

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Doctor of Ministry, D.Min.

VDS offers the Doctor of Ministry in Integrative Chaplaincy degree program as an advanced professional degree for students who are actively working as a chaplain professionally. This degree program has different tracks focused around different ministerial vocations and the practices that support them.

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Graduate Degrees + Programs

Vanderbilt offers a Master of Arts (M.A.) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree in religion through the Department of Religion at the Vanderbilt Graduate School. If you are interested in one of these degrees, click below and you will be directed to the Vanderbilt Graduate School website.

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Dual Degrees

VDS in association with 5 other Schools at Vanderbilt offer Dual Degree Programs for M.Div and M.T.S. candidates. Explore more detail on each of these opportunities.

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